fleece dyeing fabric fleece dyeing fabric
Fleece Fabric For Blankets Fleece Fabric For Blankets



The fleece is woven from a large circular machine. After weaving, the grey fabric is dyed first, and then processed by various complicated processes such as napping, combing, shearing, and shaking. The fabric is pulled on the front, and the fluff is fluffy and dense. Hair, pilling, the opposite side of the hair is sparsely symmetrical, fluffy and elastic. Its ingredients are generally polyester, soft to the touch. In addition, the fleece is divided into plain and printed. The plain fleece can be divided into Drop-needle polar fleece according to individual requirements. , emboss polar fleece, jacquard polar fleece, etc.

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component:100% cotton
pintting type: dyeing/pigment pintting /disperse printting

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